Curtea de Arges – City of Pimps



Webcam from Curtea de Arges, city of pimps. This locality really is the “pimp factory” of Romania. It doesn’t matter where it is located, how many inhabitants it has or how much historical importance this settlement has had over the years. There are pimps not only in Curtea de Arges, the whole of Romania is a factory of pimps, but in this city the difference is made by the huge number of pimps that exist here. Why are there most pimps in Curtea de Arges? This is due to the fact that the law enforcement agencies from Romania take care to put only “sacrificial pawns” in prison, the mafia groups that round up girls for prostitution are never completely destroyed. These being said, maybe the authorities from Spain, Italy, Germany and other European countries can understand why the number of prostitutes of Romanian origin is the highest.

Webcam Curtea de Arges Romania

Through this webcam from Curtea de Arges, Romania you can only see something trivial. The activities that make up Organized Crime have a secret character. The first problem in this city is the large number of pimps. The second peculiarity of this city is the fact that it is full of beggars, more precisely by well-organized networks of beggars. If half of the surveillance cameras of Curtea de Arges were public, these networks of beggars (which only the police do not see) would be very clearly visible for everyone. The area covered by this webcam has been carefully selected, so that the world does not see the thefts that are made in this city and other irregularities. Another negative aspect, very important, this city has the most scammers at the national level but and scammers of internationally waist.


Curtea de Arges - City of pimps forever


According to the principle of cause and effect, a city of pimps can produce the most prostitutes for export, we can say with certainty that most prostitutes who arrive in Western Europe, from Romania, are from Curtea de Arges. One more thing, these prostitutes are active in the area of illegal prostitution and the most important aspect, we are not talking about just a few women, in Romania pimping is a “national sport” and state policy. Romania is a mafia state, controlled almost entirely by Organized Crime. I think it is clear to everyone that Romania is the most corrupt country from Europe.


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