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The city of Ramnicu Valcea is the seat of Valcea County and, in the mistaken view of some, an important economic and cultural center of Romania. Located in the southern central part of Romania, this locality has a huge concentration of criminality, cybercrime to be exact. To the east of Ramnicu Valcea, approximately 40 kilometers away, we have the town of Curtea de Arges, the town with the most pimps from Eastern Europe and of course, logically, the city from Eastern Europe that has the highest density of prostitutes per square kilometer. Some of these prostitutes are transported by different pimps (including female pimps) in order to practice prostitution in Ramnicu Valcea or in Pitesti, a city located 38 kilometers south of Curtea de Arges. We have an intense criminal activity in this central southern part of Romania, not important cultural and economic centers.

The Most Dangerous Town On the Internet – Hackerville (Ramnicu Valcea)



It can be said that in the Ramnicu Valcea – Curtea de Arges – Pitesti area we have economic activities that mask pimping, human trafficking and prostitution. We are talking about unsafe cities which are not found in any top because the activities that make up Organized Crime have a secret and well-organized character. They are not visible on webcams. Another important aspect that must be mentioned, the entire Romanian nation has the perception of a mafia ensemble situated above the law. Above all these aspects, in all of Romania, not only in Ramnicu Valcea, we have the generalized corruption that exists in all state institutions. Romania is suffocated by corruption.

Webcam Ramnicu Valcea Romania

Through a panoramic webcam from Ramnicu Valcea, Romania, you cannot see the intense activity of the pimps from Curtea de Arges. In fact, it is unlikely that anyone will see with the help of the webcams from Romania, the corruption that is present in all the cities of the country. Romania’s acceptance into the European Union was a big mistake. This country is just a Trojan horse from which criminality flows in huge quantities.




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