Webcam Trieste Italy



Street webcam from Trieste, a city located in the extreme north-east of Italy, close to the border with Slovenia. This city has over 200,000 inhabitants, covers an area of 85.11 kmĀ² and is visited by many tourists. Trieste is a city that has distinguished itself by being a place of politicians and cultural figures. Maybe someone is trying to minimize the importance of this city full of history. This is the Italian capital of coffe, home of University of coffe and beautiful historical cafes. Trieste is described by various cultural figures as being gorgeous, aristocratic and distinct. Trieste spent most of its history under the habsburgs and the austria-hungarian Empire.

Webcam Trieste Italy

Trieste is a port and a beautiful historic city on the Gulf of Trieste, the webcam above doesn’t lie. We can also see that there is intense street and pedestrian activity. It should be taken into account that we have over 200,000 inhabitants of the city and another 420,000 who live in the metropolitan area.




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