Villablino Spain



Live webcams from Villablino, a settlement located in northwestern Spain. It has almost 9000 inhabitants and extends over an area of 228 square kilometers. For a locality of its size we did not expect to find too much here but the situation is completely different. First of all, Villablino is a beautiful place, the same can be said about the surroundings of this settlement. Here we find a social health center, kindergarten, colleges, various institutions, music school, soccer field, swimming pool, indoor gym, multi-sport field, tennis and basketball courts. Special hiking routes must also be taken into account and the ski resort.

Webcams Villablino Spain

The video images provided by the two webcams are from somewhat active areas. The quality of the transmission is good, there are no interruptions. It should be mentioned that there is fiber optic internet in the area, I think this matters. Even though it is a small settlement, Villablino in Spain is a town where you can find everything, nothing is missing.




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