Valencia Spain




Webcam from Valencia, a beautiful port city located in the east of Spain. This splendid locality has almost 800,000 inhabitants who manage to live in an area of 134.65 kmĀ². These people live a little cramped. This settlement is more than 1800 years old, more precisely the first documentary attestation is from the year 137. The nice part is that Valencia has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. It would be interesting to know, however, how Valencia stands in terms of criminality. Taking into account the fact that Romania and Bulgaria are the main exporting countries of delinquency, it would be good to know how many begging networks from Romania and Bulgaria exist in Valencia or how many pimps from Romania “work” in Valencia. Most prostitutes in this city are definitely from Romania. In fact, which woman from Romania does not prostitute herself in Spain? The immorality from Romania has invaded the entire western part of Europe.

Webcam Valencia Spain

It doesn’t matter where this webcam is located, the main idea is that the city of Valencia is very beautiful, maybe it is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. With the help of this webcam we see images of a central area, shops, flower arrangements, a beautiful artesian fountain and a lot of pedestrian activity. Some say that here is the City Hall, maybe it is so, what I want to emphasize is the fact that the less beautiful things in city life are not visible on the webcam.




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