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Sharon Stone is not just a pretty face from movies, in daily life is painter, a dedicated activist and philanthropist for various humanitarian causes. Over time, she became very involved in supporting human rights, in matters related to environmental protection, financially supported organizations that fight against diseases (AIDS, Alzheimer’s, etc). For her involvement in these activities she received numerous awards. One of the most important things she has done is that she adopted 3 children. Sharon Stone considers this to be the most important thing in her life. We have to admit that here we are talking about one of the most beautiful, talented and charming actresses in the world and the competition is high in this branch. Who has never heard of Sharon Stone?

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So far we have talked about the positive aspects of the life of the actress Sharon Stone but life has many aspects, we must also refer to the negative ones. At one point, the actress Sharon Stone married with someone. After only 5 years of marriage, a normal thing for an actress, the divorce came. The reason for the divorce cited in the court was “irreconcilable differences”. Many people do not understand that in this world, many women are not satisfied with a single man. For a certain kind of woman, the motto “the next is better” it is the basis of her existence, all that matters at this kind of women is the basic instinct. We can say without making a mistake that throughout her career, Sharon Stone exploited the primary need of men.

It is said about Sharon Stone that she has an impressive IQ but I think it’s something made up. She alone proves that she does not believe in a permanent and exclusive love and this is not proof of intelligence. Another aspect is the actress’s anger for no reason on the judge who decided that her adopted son should stay with her husband after the divorce. “The judge asked my child, my tiny little boy, ‘Do you know your mother makes sex movies?'” Sharon Stone considered this question addressed to her son, an abuse of the system, or it is obvious that the question is not offensive, since we all know the performance of the actress from the movie Basic Instinct. The life of actresses, including the one in movies, matters.

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Some conclusions about the movie Basic Instinct, more precisely about women of questionable morality, after all, this is what this production is about. Such women have little capacity for remorse and empathy, for these women, everything comes down to sex and dominance. We are talking about very stupid women, even if they have higher education. I know, the statement is a bit strange and contradictory, but that’s what it is. Det. Gus Moran, the colleague and friend of Det. Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) doesn’t like the writer Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) because he realizes that she is just an unscrupulous psychopath who manipulates people. Psychopaths are not awkward, withdrawn and bizarre people.

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