San Marcos Texas USA



Traffic surveillance webcam live from San Marcos, Texas, USA. This city has almost 70,000 inhabitants and is located, we could say, relatively in the extreme south of the United States of America, approximately 165 miles (265 kilometers) west of Houston. We could say that we have a fairly crowded city, taking into account the fact that we have almost 70,000 inhabitants who live in 92 square kilometers. In San Marcos it happens every year 4 murders, 95 rapes, 45 robberies, 210 burglaries and 1308 thefts. How safe this city is, only locals can say, not a statistic that is often not accurate. Many television shows and movies have filmed in San Marcos among which Courage Under Fire (1996).

Webcam San Marcos Texas USA

A webcam from an intersection from San Marcos, Texas, USA. Always this kind of webcam is an interesting one. Many cars, almost non-existent pedestrian activity, what is happening here, where are the people? Maybe people wake up later in San Marcos. Everyone it’s moving in this city only with the car? Pedestrians are very rare, instead I noticed something, a lot of Mustang model cars. Is this car really that good? Regarding the webcam, we can say that it is well placed, both its height and its positioning.




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