San Francisco USA webcams

Someone on youtube was saying at one point that the city San Francisco, located somewhere in the extreme west of the United States of America, is not OK. Why San Francisco is so bad, it is considered inappropriate to live in it? Is crime too high in this city? Why some people think that most people in San Francisco are unhappy? Some people say that in this city are a lot of homeless people. We all know that homeless people are generally uneducated, that they have nothing to do with soap, and that these people often provoke scandals. Another problem, is it expensive to live in San Francisco? Are taxes a real nightmare in this place? What can we say about traffic? That it’s the same everywhere in the world.

San Francisco webcams

The two webcams in San Francisco from this page does not show the negative aspects of this city but neither the positive ones. One of these webcams is located, or rather the video images are provided by the Mersea restaurant. Webcam number two is located in the area of Muir beach.


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