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The Roman city is located in northeastern Romania and has approximately 50,000 inhabitants. Is at a distance of 82 kilometers west from the city Iasi and at 105 kilometers south of Suceava. The first documentary attestation dates from March 30, 1392. Around the First World War, a military repair shop was set up, which was later transformed into the Army Arsenal. Several personalities of Romanian cultures were born in this area: Miron Costin (1633 – 1691), Otilia Cazimir (1894 – 1967) poet, Cezar Petrescu (1892 – 1961) prose writer, etc. It should be mentioned that Romania is a beautiful country but it is one of the most corrupt in the world. Because of this, it is full of thieves of all kinds.

Roman webcams

A webcam is from Municipal Park or formerly the Great Garden. The park dates from 1906 and covers an area of 13.3 hectares, in which we find a lake. The other webcam is in the center of Roman. As a conclusion, here we have a beautiful, civilized and active city, in other words, a locality that is interesting. The location of the webcams is a very good one.




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