Ranca Romania webcams


Rânca is a developing tourist resort, located within the radius of the city of Novaci and Baia de Fier commune, Gorj county, Romania. It is located at 1,600 m altitude, at the foot of the Păpușa peak, in the Novaci Mountains of the Parâng Massif, 18 km from the town of Novaci on the Transalpina road (DN67C). In 1930, Banca Populară “Gilortul” from Novaci implemented Dumitru Brezulescu’s project, more precisely the creation of a mountain resort at Rânca. He started the action by building 6 cabins with 5 rooms each, and in 1937 the central cabin in Rânca was put into use, with the contribution of the then prime minister of Romania, the liberal Gheorghe Tătărăscu.

Ranca Romania webcams

Until December 1989, a cottage of OJT Gorj was built in Rânca, a cottage under the administration of the University of Craiova and a cottage of the mining unions from the Oltenia coal basin. Nearby was also a military unit of mountain hunters. On this web page we have two webcams from the same area.




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