Puumala Finland



Live webcam from Puumala, Finland. This locality is located, one can say, in the extreme southeast of Finland. An interesting thing, the settlements in Finland are spread over large areas, Puumala is no exception to this rule. Here we have approximately 2100 inhabitants, on an area of 1237 square kilometers. A small (in terms of the number of inhabitants) but beautiful locality. The water surface is 443 square kilometers but even in these conditions the habitable surface remains generously large. I assume that the locals eat a lot of fish here.

Webcam Puumala Finland

The video images provided by this webcam from Puumala, Finland are quite beautiful. Someone really knew how to place this webcam. You have the feeling that you are looking at a beautiful painting by a famous painter. Good job! It is not important what we see, what is important is the overall picture.




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