Pula Croatia




Welcome to Pula, this city I think it’s one of the most beautiful places. Very old monuments, coffee shops, restaurants and beautiful places to sit and have a glass of wine or a coffee. Also here in Pula is so much italian food. Some consider that Croatia is a very cheap tourist destination, if that’s how it is, that’s good. Perhaps the only problem in Pula is the insufficient parking spaces, certainly not the fault of the authorities, simply because many tourists come here. From the east coast of Italy is it safe to travel with a small yacht on the west coast of Croatia, in Pula?

Webcams Pula Croatia

Two webcams from the beautiful istoric city Pula, Croatia. It is good to know that these two webcams are located in the same area, only the angles differ. Why is this city such a popular tourist destination? Because many people want to see well-preserved history. Pula has represented something very important throughout history.




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