Port Huron Michigan USA



Webcams from Port Huron, state of Michigan, USA. With a population of almost 29,000 inhabitants, the city of Port Huron is located at the southern end of Lake Huron and is the easternmost point on land in Michigan. Another landmark is the city of Detroit, located 54 miles southwest of Port Huron. It is interesting to know that both cities are located on the northeastern border of the United States of America with Canada. The world is talking about Port Huron that he has a great past, a vibrant present and a bright future. The downtown is bustling with new restaurants, shops, multiple museums and great places to enjoy. Perhaps the most interesting fact in this area is the water of Lake Huron, it is always blue.

Webcams Port Huron Michigan USA

The two webcams from Port Huron, Michigan, USA that can be viewed at the top of the web page, are in the same area. Webcams that show shipping traffic, but pleasure boats can also be seen. The images provided are exceptional.




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