Poiana Brasov Gondola Romania

It is supposed to be the largest tourist resort in Romania for winter sports. Here are ski slopes with varying degrees of difficulty, sports fields, a lake, discos, bars and restaurants. Accommodation in this area is largely provided in luxury hotels, guesthouses, villas or cottages. High quality air, optimum atmospheric pressure, all these are the natural factors that recommend the resort for treating diseases of the respiratory system. The first cottage was built in 1904. In 1906 Poiana Brasov was recognized as a winter resort.

The two webcams are located in the gondola area. The resort is located at the foot of Postavar at an altitude of 1030 m, and the highest mountain peak at an altitude of 1799 m (peak Cristianul Mare). The average temperature is 20 degrees C in summer and -3 degrees C in winter. Poiana Brasov has the most modern mountain tourist facilities in Romania. This resort is visited even in summer by many tourists.


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