Peneco Beach Albufeira


Albufeira is a city in the extreme south of Portugal, has 13,000 inhabitants but increases to 300,000 each summer due to the beaches in this locality, including Penaco beach. A beach surrounded by high rocks is something special. You can imagine a sunset seen from these heights, right near the place where you tanned all day. Because we are in an area of the European continent where, in general, temperatures are higher, the water should be warmer but it is not so. Jet ski, banana boat, inflatable water park for children, cruise ship tours, all of these are just some of the fun available. Interesting to know is that in this area, the number of sunny days is very high.

Peneco Beach Albufeira webcam

The webcam is mobile and covers a large part of the area. The waves are gorgeous, the same can be said about the beach. The angles offered by the webcam are well chosen. Peneco Beach in Albufeira, Portugal is a more than an interesting beach.


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