Osaka Japan



A webcam from Osaka or Tokyo can only show how crowded the urban settlements in Japan are. Osaka is a town located approximately 500 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. In addition to the large number of inhabitants found in Osaka (almost 2,700,000), the fact that this locality is a popular tourist destination, makes the number of inhabitants much higher in this city. Historical evidence shows that people have lived on the Japanese islands since about 12,000 BC. Thousands of shops, restaurants where tourists can eat traditional dishes and bars, they are found here in Osaka.

Webcams Osaka Japan

The webcams are installed in heavily trafficked areas, and it is normal to be like that, Osaka is an old commercial center of Japan and is currently one of the “command centers” of the Japanese economy. A lot of active people cross the access roads of Osaka. The Japanese have something against sedentary lifestyles and this is clearly visible in the images on the webcams.




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