Novska Croatia




A well positioned webcam from Novska, Croatia. This locality has over 11,000 inhabitants and is located in the extreme south of Croatia, if you can say so. I think that the map of Croatia is the strangest, the way in which this country stretches along the shore of the Adriatic Sea, a long and narrow strip, the way in which the territory of this country is presented is an exaggeration. Who came up with the idea that the former Yugoslavia should fall apart, it wasn’t too inspired. This decision was a wrong one.

Webcam Novska Croatia

If we are to talk strictly about this webcam from Novska, Croatia, we can say that we have here a perfect webcam model, with direct reference to the way in which is positioned and the level at which it is placed. Even if this city is not populated, it matters less. The fact that it is located very close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, I think is something beneficial.




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