Northport Wisconsin USA



A few days ago, through webcams, we all saw the locality of Charlevoix from the state of Michigan, USA, today we return again to the northeast of the United States of America, more precisely on the opposite shore of Lake Michigan, in the village of Northport in the state of Wisconsin, where we have a ferry terminal. This settlement has approximately 300 inhabitants but it is a very important point on the map, precisely because of this ferry terminal. Here in Northport we find one of the most interesting roads, the famous “Curvy Road.” This is Wisconsin State Highway 42 which goes through 15 curves in this area. If people wonder why there are so many curves, there is a serious reason.

Webcams Northport Wisconsin USA

The two webcams from Northport, Wisconsin, USA from this web page offer live images from two angles, from the ferry terminal area of which I mentioned above. The world is talking about Northport as a wonderful place to catch a sunset … and I believe that the world have right. This locality is not really an insignificant one, it has a lot of interesting stuff.




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