Mamaia beach Romania



The dimensions of Mamaia beach are the largest in Europe. Mamaia Resort is located at southeastern Romania and in the North of the Romanian coast. The beach has a length of 10 km and a width that exceeds 200 m. It has high quality sand, without excess of stones and shells and the entrance to the Black Sea is smooth. Maybe during the pandemic (covid-19) things got more complicated but under normal conditions the beach from Mamaia is the best of all Romanian resorts. Sunbeds and umbrellas, seafood, bars and terraces, nightclubs, all this can be found here. Attention! Romania is the most corrupt country in Europe. It is not a joke.

Two webcams on the Beach of Mamaia

The two webcams cover almost the entire beach of Mamaia. A huge beach, large and modern buildings and views of the Black Sea. Two webcams very well located, even if the images provided are panoramic. Mamaia is a locality, more exactly a seaside resort, part of the city of Constanța from Romania.




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