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Webcam from Berlin, Germany, the capital city located relatively close to the border with Poland. Officially, almost 3,800,000 people live in Berlin, unofficially, I believe that the number of inhabitants exceeds by far 4,000,000. Germany is certainly full of offenders from Eastern Europe. They undoubtedly live without legal forms and most of them are definitely from Romania. Romania is the country that exports the most offenders in Western Europe because it is the most corrupt country in the world. Romania is at a suffocating level of corruption, The Romanian people are mostly composed of thieves, prostitutes and drunkards. A large part of the lowest people (prostitutes, beggars, thieves, pimps, etc) from Romania end up in Berlin.

Live webcam from Berlin Germany

The images provided by the webcam above from Berlin, Germany are spectacular. Berlin is a big and beautiful capital that has been reborn from the ashes. Berlin is one of the European cities that offers a perfect combination of history, modern, entertainment, architecture and culture. Unfortunately, this city, like other large cities in Western Europe, was invaded by prostitution networks composed of Romanian prostitutes, begging networks from Romania and mafia groups from Romania specialized in thefts, kidnappings and scams.




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