Leavenworth Washington USA


Live webcams from the city Leavenworth, Washington state, USA. Leavenworth is located in the northwest of the United States of America, at 188 kilometers east of Seattle and it has approximately 2300 inhabitants. With the Bavarian-themed architectural style, you feel like you’ve been transported to Germany. In Leavenworth we find a European style, which is accentuated by holidays and festivals specific to Germany such as Maifest, the Fall Leaf Festival and, of course, Oktoberfest. Also here you will find exclusive shops, restaurants, and pubs serving traditional German dishes and beer.

Webcams Leavenworth Washington USA

Isn’t it preferable to find two webcams from Leavenworth, on the same web page? A larger area offered on the same web page. Leavenworth is a very small town. Practically all the commotion in the city center can be seen with two web cameras.




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