Labin Istria Croatia




Webcam from the city Labin, Istria, Croatia. Maybe few people have heard of this settlement, the Istrian peninsula is a region in western Croatia, south of Trieste, a city located somewhat on the northeastern extremity of Italy. Labin is located on the eastern side of the Istrian peninsula and has almost 6000 inhabitants. In this area, the Roman Catholic religion predominates, 53.83%. Almost 14% of the population of this city declare themselves atheists. Orthodox only 2%.

Webcam Labin Istria Croatia

I think this webcam from Labin, Istria, Croatia is located somewhere in the city center or in a central area. The town is located at a relatively short distance from the sea, we assume that it is a tourist destination that is worth visiting. Labin is a medieval city with an authentic historical past, the proof is the numerous historical monuments that can be found here.




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