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Live webcam from the south-east of Finland, more precisely from the city Kuopio. I think that for many of us, this area is not a tourist destination. Kuopio is a town with almost 100,000 inhabitants and is considered one of the most important cities in Finland. The economic structure of the city of Kuopio includes several branches. It’s not bad in terms of culture either. Culture is also not bad, with numerous cultural events taking place here. Kuopio is considered a city of education, the most important institutions are the University of Eastern Finland and the Savonia University of Applied Sciences. One of the oldest schools in the city is Kuopio Lyceum High School, which was officially established in 1872, but was originally built in 1826. A rather important thing is that this city has airport.

Webcam Kuopio Finland

The webcam in Kuopio offers a wide panoramic image and at the same time the possibility to see live weather conditions. Another aspect that I think is worth taking into account is the fact that the town covers an area of 2,317 square kilometers. In other words, the residents of this city benefit from a lot of space. I think this situation occurs everywhere in Finland.




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