Kromeriz (Kroměříž) Czech Republic



Kromeriz (Kroměříž) is a city located in the east of the Czech Republic and has 28,000 inhabitants. This city is located about 20 kilometres (12 mi) northwest of Zlín, locality present on this website with 2 webcams. The first written mention of Kroměříž (under its Latin name Cromezir) is in a document written between 1107 and 1125, when the settlement was bought by Olomouc bishop. The first residence was founded by bishop Stanislas Thurzo in 1497. The building was in a Late Gothic style, with a modicum of Renaissance detail. In Kromeriz life is very quiet. It is the ideal place to go for a walk and have a beer with friends.

Webcams Kromeriz (Kroměříž) Czech Republic

The two webcams above, I assume are from a central area of the city of Kromeriz, they are located at a relatively small distance in the same perimeter. Two devices that provide images from a pedestrian and road area at the same time.




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