Knokke-Heist Belgian Coast



Live Webcam @ River Woods Beach Club – Knokke and Live Webcam @ Surfers Paradise Knokke Belgium – A wonderful place for surfers and naughty dogs located in northwestern Belgium. These locations are considered top tourist destinations. Sea, beaches, sand, quietness, sun, water sports, nightclubs, these are “perfect ingredients” for a successful vacation. Here you can have a great summer because in this area we can also find art galleries, shopping streets and cultural events. Knokke-Heist beach is one of the most famed in Belgium, with twelve kilometres in length. Maybe it’s not like that, but Belgium, in its totality, seems like a very beautiful country.

Webcams belgian coast

Double webcam from the Belgian coast from Belgium, of course. The two webcams are mobile, or at least they are now, on May 24, 2023. It is obvious that we have an interesting beach here. The video quality is very good, but also the way in which these two devices are placed proves that here we have the work done by professionals. Practically, these two webcams are located at a distance not too far from each other. Here we are in Knokke-Heist, a locality with more than 34,000 inhabitants from the north-west of Belgium.




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