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Julia Roberts is not a beautiful actress, she was never a pleasant presence. Why was she cast in leading roles? Pretty Woman it is a successful film but not because of her performance in this production. Perhaps at Hollywood, only actresses who socialize in a certain way with directors, stage managers or famous actors have a guaranteed place in the distribution of a film. The strangest part is that this actress won an Oscar. It is said about Julia Roberts that she had several romantic relationships with different men. What kind of romantic relationships are we talking about? About innocent touches or about her inability to love a single man? Most of the successful actresses have multiple sexual relationships, at the same time, with men who propel mediocre actresses among the top actresses. About what kind of talent we talking here?

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In general, an actress cannot be considered a life model and not even what we see in movies can be accepted as something good, something that can be applied in everyday life. What is the subject of the movie Pretty Woman or what is the message conveyed by this film, in which Julia Roberts plays the role of a prostitute? Wow, look how lucky prostitutes are, they marry with rich people and live happily ever after! This can be understood after we watch this film but the reality is completely different. In real life, prostitutes do not end well and their whole life is a real ordeal. in real life, she did not demonstrate stability in the relationship. The woman who goes from man to man is not a serious woman.

Julia Roberts

Many people do not consider Julia Roberts a talented and beautiful actress. Something is wrong in Hollywood. It is obvious that a movie star becomes known because of the publicity, not because of the talent or personal charm. Let’s not get it wrong, there are also talented actors in American cinema but some do not deserve the title of good or very good actors. Some people consider Julia Roberts an arrogant person. Most actors are arrogant and very proud people. From where does this pride come? Maybe from the huge earnings with which a famous actor is remunerated.

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