Funny bushman in Mallorca island

Funny bushman in Mallorca island, Spain. Maximum effect, nice job with the best video, keep coming back. Lots of great reactions. I don’t know how many of those videos I’ve seen but its always funny. Also funny how most of the people there speak german, some english and only very few spanish. “If this was in USA the police would come in 10 minutes and force you to leave. I’m glad everyone there is smiling about the prank and not upset”, someone said. The most intense phase t’s in video number two, at the time 2:20. Scaring people on roller skates or on bicycles is not cool, they could easily fall into traffic and get run over by a car but such a thing did not happen.

Mallorca island

When we talk about Mallorca, we are talking about the largest Spanish island. It is located in the western part of the Mediterranean Sea, about 170 km from the coast where Barcelona is located and is part of the Balearic Islands archipelago.




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