Fort Myers Beach USA




Fort Myers Beach is a city on the island of Estero which is located somewhere in the southeastern United States, the state of Florida. This locality has over 6000 inhabitants but of course the tourists who arrive here make the population in this area to grow. An extraordinary thing is happening here! The swimming season in Fort Myers Beach starts in January and practically it lasts until the last month of the year inclusive. Practically in this area, the temperature never drops below 20 degrees. We have some very interesting indicators here. In June, July and August, maximum temperatures are around 32 degrees, temperatures that ensure very good physical comfort. During autumn and early winter, temperatures drop by only 2 or 3 degrees maximum. Excellent conditions in this city, from a climatic point of view.

Fort Myers Beach cams

An exceptional webcam in the beach area. The view is wonderful. We have a sensational location here. Most people want a lot of sun, they want warmth, they want fun on the beach. The webcam is located relatively close to the beach, next to a crowded pool and a few palm trees.




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