Elbo Room Beach Bar – Fort Lauderdale USA



Webcams from Fort Lauderdale, a city in the extreme southeast of the United States of America, 45 kilometers north of Miami. This locality has over 180,000 inhabitants who live in 100 square kilometers. We can say that we have some crowding in this city, taking into account the fact that this settlement is also a tourist town. Due to the increase in drug and alcohol consumption, the city police have taken a number of drastic measures. Through good management, the local authorities avoided the transformation of this locality into a cesspool of drug addicts. In other words, Fort Lauderdale is an excellent tourist destination.

Webcams Elbo Room Beach Bar – Fort Lauderdale USA

The two webcams above are from the area of the famous Elbo Room Beach Bar, close to the ocean, a location we will talk about in a future post. It can be easily seen that these two devices are placed in a professional way. Even if the wind blows quite strongly, the image remains fixed. Apparently, it seems like a trivial area, but it is quite an active one.




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