Diana Ankudinova


Diana Ankudinova is a true artist, she is a singer from Russia. What is an artist? A person who, through his special qualities, through his obvious talent, manages to impress many people. However, it must be mentioned that not everyone has the ability to appreciate someone’s talent. A true artist impresses with his talent, with his power to interpret a song, a role or to create something special. Diana Ankudinova was born on May 31, 2003. At the age of 3, Diana was left by her biological mother at a bus stop in the winter with a broken collarbone.She was close to death, Diana’s biological aunt rescued Diana from the street and made a statement about the abuse of Diana to the local prosecutor, and it was agreed that the young Diana should be turned over to the care of an orphanage in Primorsky Territory which provided for the care of abandoned young children.


Generally speaking, real artists are not born and live in the fluff,, through work and perseverance they manage to become known and appreciated. Periodically, Diana Ankudinova she was hospitalized in a sanatorium. Here, one of the employees was impressed by her story and managed to adopt her. In fact, it was this employee’s daughter, who sometimes visited her mother at work, who first began to insist that her mother adopt Diana. Her adoptive mother took care of her education and health, later discovering that Diana had a talent for music. In time, she participated in several music competitions, where she won several prizes. After she became a famous singer, her biological mother, who beat her when she was little until she broke her collarbone and abandoned her in the cold, at a bus stop, tried to get her back, but Diana did not want to communicate with she.

Someone said that poetry, art and knowledge are sacred and pure. The life of an artist is more than that. “Without art, the cruelty of reality would make the world unbearable,” said George Bernard Shaw. The life of an artist is so complex. “Art purifies the soul from the dust of everyday life,” said Pablo Picasso. This is what an artist, a singer does, he has the power to purify the human soul, he has the power to clean the mess generated by mediocrity, stupidity and lack of wisdom. Diana Ankudinova interprets the well-known song “Dernière danse” like a professional singer, like a real artist. This girl is a real talent, a real artist who was born with grace.

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