Cluj-Napoca Romania

Cluj-Napoca Romania

Cluj-Napoca is a city located in the central-northwestern part of Romania, a country in southeastern Europe. This locality has over 310000 inhabitants and is from the point of view economic, cultural and educational one of the most important cities in Romania. Here are 11 universities with more than 85,000 students. The first documentary attestation dates from the year 106, so we’re talking about a very old settlement. Babes-Bolyai University, with the famous Botanical Garden located near the city center, is the largest university in Romania. The city Cluj-Napoca from Romania is an important node in the European road network and has a diversified transport network.

Cluj-Napoca cams

Cluj-Napoca it is a city where we have both, old and modern, a more than interesting locality. It’s good to know that a large number of places where you can dine or consume alcoholic beverages (restaurants and bars) are available, many of them offering traditional Romanian specialties but also and international restaurants.


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