Camp de Mar Mallorca Spain



Camp de Mar is a beautiful resort located in the southwest of the island of Mallorca, the island that belongs to Spain. The island of Mallorca is located east of Spain. This is a place of small, chic and exclusive hotels and restaurants. Possibly for this reason, namely that Camp de Mar is an exclusive and nice resort, this place not to be never too crowded. The place is never crowded even during the peak period of the season. Camp de Mar is a great resort for a vacation without too much fuss, more precisely for a calm vacation at the beach. The truth is that this resort is really beautiful, the beach has fine sand, right next to the beach or right on the beach there are some trees, the beach is not too big but not too small, everything seems perfect here. I didn’t find out what exclusive means here? Gypsies are not allowed here or what?

Webcam Camp de Mar Mallorca Spain

This webcam, more precisely the video images provided by this webcam, from Camp de Mar, Mallorca, Spain, prove that this place is particularly beautiful. The buildings that can be seen (I assume that there are places to stay in them) are very close to the beach, a small little island right in front of the beach, the water quality seems superior, Camp de Mar it really is a special resort.




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