Bosanci Romania



Webcam from Bosanci, a locality located approximately 8 km southeast of Suceava municipality. As I said before, Suceava is in the north-east of Romania, not really in the extreme north-east, the municipality of Botosani occupies this extreme position. In the end, Suceava, Botosani, Constanta, Timisoara, Bucharest, it really doesn’t matter in what area of Romania we are, Romania cannot be considered a tourist destination. Why? First of all, it is the most corrupt country in the European Union. It is not even worth talking about this country because it is full of mafia politicians. We are talking about a country full of irregularities and by political-economic groups mafia.

Webcam Bosanci Romania

The only interesting thing worth talking about is the webcam from this Bosanci commune. In such an insignificant locality, to see such a professional surveillance camera is something special. But this does not mean that the value of this country increased from the moment this surveillance camera was installed. Nothing can be changed in good in this country because it is led by corrupt or indifferent people. A free and beneficial advice, avoid Romania because it is ruled by mafia clans.




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