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The capital of Germany, Berlin, is located in the central-eastern part of the country and has approximately 3,500,000 million inhabitants. Together with those in the metropolitan area, it has a total of 6 million inhabitants who come from over 180 countries. It is good to know how many of them have an honest job, how many thieves from Albania are in Berlin, how many begging networks from Eastern Europe are in this capital or how many prostitutes (illegal prostitution) from Bulgaria and Romania are in all of Germany. It must be taken into account that Romania is the first exporter of illegal prostitution in Europe and the most corrupt country from Europe. Prostitution networks are formed in Romania and later implemented in the rich countries of Western Europe, even in Germany. Of course, the Romanian authorities deny this reality. Everything that means illegal business on the territory of Romania is well protected even by the institutions that should combat the activities that make up Organized Crime (prostitution, pimping, drug trafficking, money laundering, etc).

Webcams Berlin Germany

The two webcams offer panoramic images from a perhaps lesser-known area, Tiergarten, one of the most popular parks in Berlin. The park has 210 hectares and is houses the zoo in Berlin. The Second World War caused significant damage to the Tiergarten. Perhaps it is good to know that this park was once a royal hunting ground.




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