Beren Saat

When we say Beren Saat, we say the most beautiful eyes in the world, best performance in a dramatic role, inner and outer beauty, the most beautiful being on earth, the most talented actress from Turkey. Beren Saat was born on February 26, 1984 (39 years old in 2023) in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. While still studying at Baskent University Beren participated in a television competition, Turkish Stars, finishing in first place. Right from the beginning her talent was recognized as being the best. She won the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actress. Beauty often comes together with the talent and with the success.


Beren Saat 1


I did not know about her previous successes, only the performance from the television series Aşk-ı Memnu can convince anyone that Beren Saat is truly one of the most beautiful and talented actresses from Turkey. You don’t have to read about her in specialized magazines to find out if she is considered a beautiful actress because her beauty is obvious, no confirmations are needed. Does an angelic face with fine features need witnesses to support something obvious? Of course not. In a fairly short period of time, Beren Saat has become one of the most in-demand stars of Turkish cinema.



Beauty seems to stimulate our brains and impels us to do almost anything to touch it, to see it, this is how the specialists explain and perhaps the success of the actress Beren Saat can be easily understood with this explanation. But let’s go deep into the life of this beautiful being. The mother of the beautiful actress Beren Saat was a teacher and her father a well-known football player from Turkey. She has a brother who is five years older than her. The actress knows what suffering means from real life, her first boyfriend died in a car accident.

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