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Balea Lake webcams live from Fagaras Mountains, Romania. A fantastic landscape, especially the road to the lake, is also superb! But very crowded in weekends and in summer time. The road and the landscapes are of rare beauty. A very beautiful place at high heights from all points of view. A place where the real is mixed with the fantastic! The most beautiful place in Romania. Favorite place for pictures and relaxation. Splendid mountain area!!! “This is the best road in the world”, Top Gear about Transfagarasan.


At a dizzying altitude of 2034 m, in the area of the Fagaras mountains, Sibiu County, Romania country, on the nights of September 23, 24 and September 25, 1978, more soldiers which had the mission to guard a fuel depot at Balea Lac, reported encounters with alien beings. Very frightened, the young soldiers retreated to a chalet near Balea Waterfall and returned accompanied by an armed officer. The communist authorities have covered up this incredible incident. Watch UFOs at Balea Lac Romania, Grade 3 Meeting !!!


How long is drive from border to Balea Lake?

The western border

Varsand – Sibiu: 313 + 77 km to Balea Lake
Salonta – Sibiu: 324 + 77 km to Balea Lake
Cenad – Sibiu: 342 + 77 km to Balea Lake
Nadlac – Sibiu: 346 + 77 km to Balea Lake
Petea – Sibiu: 353 + 77 km to Balea Lake
Valea lui Mihai – Sibiu: 358 + 77 km to Balea Lake

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