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Beautiful mobile webcam (at the time at which this post has been created) from Baden-Baden, Germany. This city has approximately 55,000 inhabitants and is located in the western, southwestern part of Germany, very close to the French border. Taking into account the fact that Romania and Bulgaria have sophisticated criminal syndicates, with selection and training networks that are deeply embedded in the rich states of Europe and that the city of Baden-Baden practically, it is a locality from which very quickly, after robbing a store, you can cross the border into France, how many notorious criminals from the mentioned states, this locality harbors? Tens of thousands of offenders (thieves, pimps, prostitutes, etc.) left Romania over time to reach the big cities of Western Europe, including in the city of Baden-Baden in Germany. Romania exports the most prostitutes throughout Europe (for illegal prostitution). Germany is full of clandestine mini-brothels where prostitutes from Romania “work” illegally. The networks of beggars from Romania believe that they have taken control of all of Germany.

Webcam Baden-Baden Germany

Through this webcam we can see very clearly that the city of Baden-Baden is beautiful. I assume that a lot of rich people live here or have businesses in this city. The climate is ok, there is also a well-known spa resort in the whole world, plus many places to practice sports. All this means nothing for the underworld clans from Romania, for offenders from eastern Europe ATMs that can be broken, jewelry stores that can be easily robbed or luxury cars that can be stolen are of interest. All offenders from Eastern Europe want to establish their headquarters here in Baden-Baden, Germany.




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