Atlantic City Boardwalk USA



Atlantic City is a city in New Jersey, located in the eastern of United States of America. Has about 40,000 inhabitants and is one of the most famous tourist destinations for everything that means fun, gambling, shopping and entertainment. The busiest area in Atlantic City is around the beach. Of course, the promenade, which is 4 miles long, and is full of casinos, it is equally active. Nightlife in Atlantic City is full with options: outdoor dining, casinos, Boogie Nights (an old-school, ’70/’80s-style disco), Head to HQ2 Nightclub, The Pool After Dark, A Dam Good Sports Bar, The Irish Pub, etc.

Atlantic City Boardwalk webcams

At certain hours the promenade in Atlantic City is very crowded and this can be seen in the video images provided by the two webcams from this web page. Very well positioned these devices, which even if they are not mobile, satisfy the pleasure of those interested in watching live images from this promenade.




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