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Webcams from Assisi, a city in the Umbria Region whose capital is Perugia, located somewhere in the center of Italy. From Assisi to Perugia (located west of Assisi) there are 29 kilometers. We are talking about a locality that has almost 28,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 186.8 square kilometers. It seems that these people have a lot of space at their disposal. Here you can find medieval buildings and a 16th century fountain with three lions, so we have some places full of history here and at the same time a very popular tourist destination. Maybe for some people it doesn’t mean who knows what but for the general culture of some, in the year 2000, Assisi, together with its historic center, the Basilica of St. Francis and other Franciscan sites, and almost the entire municipal territory, was declared part of the World Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO.

Webcams Assisi Italy

The two webcams from Assisi, Italy are located in the same area but offer images from different angles. Basically this place is the heart of the social life of Assisi. Very easily and simply you can see on these webcams that the pedestrian and street activity is intense.




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